Adventure Pursuit | Brazil: reasons to smile

Brazil: reasons to smile :)

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My Brazilian friend Tássia and her husband Kiko have this board. It’s called: “Motivos para sorrir” (reasons to smile). 🙂 Every week they fill it with good things that happened that brought them smiles, simply things they are grateful for. I think it is a brilliant idea because it makes us see how much we […]

Adventure Pursuit | Sleeping under the southern skyes

Sleeping under the sky of southern hemisphere

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One of the top “to do” things here in Brazil was of course seeing the skies of southern hemisphere again, in addition also seeing the sunrise and camp in the wild. Well, especially in the beginning of my stay, the crazy rainy/cloudy weather made it impossible. And later, even on sunny days, it always clouded-up […]

Adventure Pursuit | Beaches of Santa Catarina Island

Beaches of Santa Catarina Island

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Santa Catarina island has altogether 42 beaches. Some are tiny, some stretch for miles and miles. Some are filled with tourists, some are more remote. On sunny days though, all of them have beautiful turquoise colour and provide the necessary refreshment when the heat becomes unbearable. Being well situated in the center of the island, […]

Adventure Pursuit | TOP 6 things in Floripa

TOP 6 things to do in Floripa!

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Florianopolis or Floripa, all that is refered to the entire Santa Catarina island. It is a popular backpacker’s spot and who’s been there, certainly knows why. Turquoise beaches, green hills and many many trails to hike, get lost in the nature plus countless amount of adventure sports options to try. Well all this might seem […]

Adventure Pursuit | Barefoot walk to Naufragados

Barefoot walk to Naufragados

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On the very south tip of Santa Catarina island, there is a trail that takes you to the “castaway” beach, praia Naufradagos. It is home to a couple of fishermen, who live here their simple but happy life, away from the world of cars and trafic jams. We headed this way on one Saturday late […]

Adventure Pursuit | The holiday season

The holiday season

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The holiday season arrived and with that our hostel filled up with guests, the streets and beaches with tons of tourists, the roads with cars and the shopping windows with Christmas decorations. My favorite was surfing Santa, I could not resist from taking a picture with him. 🙂 The Vintage hostel was nicely decorated with […]

Adventure Pursuit | The Trail of Three Secret Beaches

The Trail of Three Secret Beaches

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Wanna know the most beautiful, deserted secret beaches on Santa Catarina island? Are you ready for some muddy walk, to drag yourself through abundant vegetation, to climb on coastal boulders and even to spill a bit of your blood? Then read on, the Three Secret Beaches trail has finally been walked and discovered. 😉 This […]

Adventure Pursuit | From Santinho to Moçambique beach

From Santinho to Moçambique beach

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On mid-day sunny Saturday I found myself walking on the sand of Santinho beach. This place was a bit too touristic to my taste, full of restaurants and hotel resorts but it had beautiful rocky stretches with lush green forests on both sides. I felt driven to the Spider’s hill (Ponta das Aranhas). At the […]

Adventure Pursuit | Trilha para Costa da Lagoa

Trilha para Costa da Lagoa

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Discovering remote settlements that spread on the west bank of Lagoa da Conceição was my first hike in Florianópolis and felt like a jungle walk. Most people travel there to see a waterfall but the place treasures much more than that, just prepare good shoes and get ready for some spider’s web in your hair. […]