Adventure Pursuit | Perú

Perú: reasons to smile :)

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After almost two months spent in Perú, here I am, looking back on all that I’ve lived and experienced here. Knowing no one here, I stepped into the unknown to discover what there is about this country everybody enthuses about. Well, life here wasn’t always easy, I was freezing, it rained on me, got a […]

Adventure Pursuit | Lobitos

Lobitos: surf paradise in a desert

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There in the north of Peru, not far from Ecuador and the equator itself, completely surrounded by a desert, is a small settlement called Lobitos. The waves in the Pacific ocean here curl just the perfect way and no wonder it is a paradise for surfers. History “This place has quite a history!” lot of […]

Adventure Pursuit | Tombs

Visiting the ancient tombs (tumbas)

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A four-hour horseback ride took us over the Sifon bridge, into the hills of Colca Canyon to discover ancient Collagua tombs and come back through Coporaque village. Personally I think this is the most interesting and beautiful of the three horseback rides I guided. It is also the longest one and therefore the most expensive […]

Adventure Pursuit | Cruz del Condor

Cruz del Condor

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“There’s no leaving Colca Canyon without visiting Cruz del Condor”, that’s what a man in my favorite shop in Yanque told me, together with other locals. And one misty morning, as there were still a few clouds from last night’s rain rolling above Yanque, I set off to explore the Colca canyon. There are many […]

Adventure Pursuit | Horses of Colca

Horses of Colca

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My life in Yanque has been pretty much all about the horses. I arrived in a lodge called Tradicion Colca to volunteer via Workaway and got 8 horses to take care of, to ride and also to take tourists on “cabalgatas” around beautiful Colca valley. In my first week here my main task was to […]

Adventure Pursuit | Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon

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The Colca Canyon in southern Peru is one of the deepest in the world, reaching a depth of 4,160 meters. It is home to condors, llamas, alpacas, wild vicuñas and pumas. This dry, volcanic landscape offers dramatic views of giant mountains, reaching up to 6,000 meters. History First two cultures known to have inhabited Colca […]

Adventure Pursuit | Puno - Chivay

From Puno to Chivay (Yanque)

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True touristic bus that took me over the mountains, with magnificent views of lakes with flamingos, dry desert-like highlands and pastures with lamas, alpacas and vicuñas. The trip started early but as I was to learn, 6 am is an average morning wake-up time fro most people living here. Covered in blanket, I waved lake […]

Adventure Pursuit | La Paz - Puno

From La Paz to Puno

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A bus journey in altitudes between 3,000 and nearly 5,000 meters is certainly something to remember. Especially when you come from the sea level. I was determined to do the journey in one day as I couldn’t wait to see my horses in Colca valley. I started early, hopping on the first bus that was […]