Cerro Leonera

Chilean Andes and mount Leonera (4,956 m)

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Santiago, the capital of Chile, founded in the 16th century by Pedro de Valdivia is home to 7 millions of inhabitants. The first thing that attracted my attention when walking the streets of Santiago, was breathtaking view of the Andes mountain range, hugging the city from north-east to south-east. These giant mountains reach up to […]

Adventure Pursuit | Villarica

Climbing Villarica volcano

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Far away from busy Santiago de Chile (capital of Chile), always drowning in a cloud of smog, in Pucón, you will find a peaceful, green town, lying at a lake shore. A volcano called Villarica rises above like a sleeping giant who exhales a cloud a of sulfur vapor every once in a while. After […]

La Paloma glacier Marie Vítková

What’s hiding in Yerba Loca valley?

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On the outskirts of Santiago de Chile, at foothills of the Andes lies a natural sanctuary, both beautiful and mysterious. It is called Yerba Loca after so called “crazy plant” which is rumored to be growing here, making people go insane. What? A crazy plant? Although I am not sure whether it wasn’t just my […]

Puerto Varas

Things to see and do around Puerto Varas

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Puerto Varas is a small, pretty-looking town in the south of Chile, lying at the shore of Llanquihue lake, surrounded by two volcanoes: Osorno and Calbuco. For three months it became my home and I could call myself a local “gringa”. I didn’t waste my time and explored and tried most of the adventure activities […]

Adventure Pursuit | Parque Pumalín

Parque Pumalín

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Mountains reaching high above the clouds, it was a rather misty and cloudy day. Despite that, all I saw was simply amazing! When watching a waterfall, dropping off a glacier up the high cliff, I thought: “O beautiful nature, I humbly bow before you!” The air smelled like adventure and there was this mystery waiting […]

Adventure Pursuit | Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

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That very strong desire to come and visit south Chile came from a big dream of mine, to see Torres del Paine with my own eyes. So no wonder I found my way down to south Patagonia despite being close to broke at that time … There are several ways of getting to Puerto Natales […]

Adventure Pursuit | Chiloé Island

Chiloé Island and the clumsy penguins

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I’ve heard so much about this magnificent island that still preserves a grand part of its wilderness but also the traditional way of life of the Mapuche inhabitants. What attracted me most to come here though, were the cute, clumsy penguins … Chiloé Island … … can be found in Lake District on the very […]

Adventure Pursuit | Cochamó

Cochamó: Yosemite of Southern Chile

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The quote of Pablo Neruda in La Junta campsite in beautiful Cochamó valley says: „Quién no conoce el bosque chileno, no conoce este planeta“ (“Anyone who hasn’t been in the Chilean forests doesn’t know this planet”). Southern Chile is covered by beautiful forests with native trees, such as araucaria and alerce. They offer soothing shadow […]