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On my travels I took the challenge of living in new cultures, adapting to a new way of life, finding a job to support myself, fit in the local community. These trips were undoubtedly accompanied by various hikes, climbs, expeditions and adventure sports tours, some of them were described in my blog or in my articles, some are still waiting to be written down.

My Freelance and Feature Writing studies at the London School of Journalism brought me to publish some of my articles in the Krakow Post printed newspaper and eventually led to starting an internship in the I Love Chile online paper. I finished my journalism studies in 2012 but keep my focus on writing ever since. In the Czech Republic I published in: Hedvábná stezka, Epoch Times, Život na cestách, Prague Post or a printed magazine Lidé a Hory.


Prague Post: Songster finds home in Prague
“I know this sounds like a cliché,” he says, “but the moment I walked over Charles Bridge, I felt at home. Prague was one of the places where, as soon as I’d get there, I felt immediately in my element. I felt this great way of possibilities around me, without even knowing.”
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Krakow Post: Meet the Music – Liam MacMhurri
Liam MacMhurri, a musician from Ireland, traveled the world to present his music, worked on several projects, played with various artists. Now he found his home here in Cracow, he runs a recording studio HQ Productions and occasionally plays concerts with his band.
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Krakow Post: Meet the Band – The Pixels
“None of us actually knows what kind of music we play because everybody listens to, likes and plays different types of music. Everybody’s got their own influences that get mixed together and you get the Pixels,” explains Hanna Harmata, the lead vocalist and a text writer of The Pixels.
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Krakow Post: Meet the Band – Gravity
Daniel grew up in the Canary Islands. All his family plays some sort of instrument and music was always part of his life. When he was only thirteen years old, he started a band with two of his friends. They practiced their music in a garage.Several years later he is playing all over Cracow with Grzesiek Malski (drums) and Gawron (bass) as Gravity.
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