Horses of Colca

Adventure Pursuit | Horses of Colca

My life in Yanque has been pretty much all about the horses. I arrived in a lodge called Tradicion Colca to volunteer via Workaway and got 8 horses to take care of, to ride and also to take tourists on “cabalgatas” around beautiful Colca valley.

In my first week here my main task was to ride all horses in order to get to know them. Fun! And so slowly, slowly, I started to discover Yanque and its surroundings on a horseback. Oscar, the guy I was to replace just managed to show me the three cabalgatas (horse rides) on the menu and then took off on a month holidays.

And we were left alone, me and the 8 hairy beasts. Soon they realized that I am the one who gives them food now so they became friends with me and every morning when I enter I hear happy snorting and also in the evening, as soon as they spot me walking towards them on the road. 🙂

These horses are fun, they are tough (they climb incredible pathways with a rider on their backs), they tease each other (or me), they bully each other and most of them run when they see me walk in with a rope in my hand but always come to check when I hold an apple instead. 🙂

Let’s get introduced then …

Caramelo – very playful horse! But in a good way. He is easy going and when forced to go for a walk, he holds the slowest possible pace an it takes time to talk him into a gallop.

Señor Cholo – perfect for kids and absolute beginners. He is soft and does whatever he is asked for. He’s not much into running and gets tired easily. When I rode him up into the hills, I better got off when the trail got steeper of I would have to carry him back. 🙂

Silver – not as crazy as the one from The Lone Ranger movie (unfortunately! One day I’d like to meet that one). He is a good leader, can be pretty fast but soft at the same time.

Princesa – a true lady, very soft and perfect for beginners. That’s why she, together with Caramelo take part on almost every cabalgata.

Adventure Pursuit | Horses of Colca

Nieve – one client called her a “turbo”. When she gallops, she goes fast and don’t dare to hold her or she gets pretty upset. Kind scary in the turns of those high roads. She’s a good leader, in fact she hates to follow others.

Amanecer – she’s a lovely ride when she wants to. Lately she’s been rather enjoying eating and getting ready to give birth and doesn’t really feel like being ridden.

Bendicion – my favorite! 🙂 She is soft, a bit sensitive and can be fast as well, a perfect combination. If only she didn’t get scared of strange-looking people and objects once in a while.

Navidad – Born on Christmas, that’s why the name. She’s a crazy two-year-old, doesn’t really want to accept work or some responsibility. She likes to play, tease other horses and can be your best friend when you bring an apple. 🙂

Adventure Pursuit | Horses of Colca

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