Snowshoeing Kimberley

Snowshoeing adventure in Kimberley

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Freshly fallen snow crunching under your feet as you make your way through the dark forest, leaving the slopes of Kimberley Alpine resort behind, diving into the cold night … If you’ve never tried walking in snowshoes, you should give it a try! They’ll get you through knee deep powder snow, they’ll take you into […]

Lanzarote surfing

Surfing the Wave of Life in Lanzarote

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Often times I find, life is like the sea. At times it is like a calm bay, you get to breath, enjoy simple things, appreciate watching the sun rise and move over the horizon until it sets down. But there are also days with big swell and you have to surf those waves, otherwise they’ll […]

Marie Adventure Pursuit Blog

Build your own website or blog

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I was living in Peru, in Colca Canyon and with very poor internet connection when I decided to create the Adventure Pursuit’s official website with my own domain and my own hosting. I was excited about installing building my own website from scratch. And who knew, maybe I could build websites for a living in […]

Cerro Leonera

Chilean Andes and mount Leonera (4,956 m)

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Santiago, the capital of Chile, founded in the 16th century by Pedro de Valdivia is home to 7 millions of inhabitants. The first thing that attracted my attention when walking the streets of Santiago, was breathtaking view of the Andes mountain range, hugging the city from north-east to south-east. These giant mountains reach up to […]


Two days in Kashmiri mountains

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Narayannag is the place to be when you visit Kashmir, I heard saying from various sources. It’s not only the Kashmiri nature but also the people who live there, the gypsies who wander these lands with their goats and sheep, making their summer shelter high in the hills. Some of them settle though and stay […]


Gulmarg, India’s finest ski resort

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Two shared jeeps took me to Gulmarg, India’s finest ski resort. If it wasn’t for my guide Gulam, I would have never even known where to take these jeeps from. He personally found one for me, just outside of the center of Srinagar. The first jeep drove me to a small town called Tangmarg that […]


Gokyo lakes with a view of Cho Oyu

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Gokyo lakes with a view of Cho Oyu After visiting the Everest Base Camp, I could finally get my peaceful rest and warm up at the stove in a hut in Gorak Shop, fully heated by yak droppings dried on the Himalayan sun. My plan was to cross over to the next valley, called Gokyo, […]

Everest Base Camp trek

To see that mountain … Everest

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Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay and especially that mountain was on my mind as I was drinking my morning tea in Darjeeling, Tenzing’s hometown. I too was longing to see the highest mountain in the world, Everest – or Sagarmatha in Nepalese language. And before noon, I was already sitting in a shared jeep, driving […]