Barefoot walk to Naufragados

Adventure Pursuit | Barefoot walk to Naufragados

On the very south tip of Santa Catarina island, there is a trail that takes you to the “castaway” beach, praia Naufradagos. It is home to a couple of fishermen, who live here their simple but happy life, away from the world of cars and trafic jams.

Adventure Pursuit | Naufragados
fisherman’s life in Naufragados

We headed this way on one Saturday late morning as the weather couldn’t decide whether it wants have us swallowed by clouds and mist or water us by a light drizzle of rain.

To get to the beginning of the trail, we needed to drive along the south-west coast of Santa Catarina island. This part already shows beautiful green hills and valleys on the east side and a view of the sea and hills of the mainland on the west side. This part of the island is lined by historical buildings of early settlers and it is not rare to spot a fish or oyster restaurant.

As we arrived at the very southern point of the road, ready to set on the trail, the weather decided to send a bit of drizzle on us. Dressed in raincoats or just in t-shirts we started on a muddy trail, taking us uphill. Soon we discovered that there would be no way for us to walk it with our shoes dry, my flip-flops would only shoot some mud on the back of my coat so I took them off, determined to walk the rest barefoot.

Adventure Pursuit | Naufragados
no need to look for a dry way to cross

It was a completely new hiking experience. It was slippery but at the same time, I could feel exactly when I needed to balance. At times the mud reached up to my ankles but in away it was good because I didn’t need to worry about getting dirty. Every now and then, we passed a creek with cascading water where I could wash my feet again.

Adventure Pursuit | Naufragados

This river gradually found its way to the sea, creating a valley and a beach, the Naufragados beach which we reached after around one hour walking/sliding.

Adventure Pursuit | Naufragados

On one end of the beach stands an old lighthouse and we found ourselves following a trail that led us up there.

Adventure Pursuit | Naufragados

Adventure Pursuit | Naufragados

The lighthouse is not functional anymore and the wooden construction that surrounds it, provided a challenging climb to everyone who dared. Once climbing it, from here you can see the mainland so close, you can almost touch it.

Adventure Pursuit | Naufragados

Practical info:

Difficulty level: Easy/medium, depending on the conditions of the trail.

To take with: Good hiking shoes/or not! 🙂 Swim suit, repellent perhaps.

How to get there: The trail starts at the very southern tip of Santa Catarina island. You can get there by car or by bus (change in Rio Tavares).

Adventure Pursuit | Naufragados
interactive click-through map

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