monks in Ladakh

Ladakh – a little Tibet in India

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It is a long bus ride all the way from Manali to Ladakh. General busses usually stop in a lovely town called Keylong over night and the next day you can continue to Leh. And the second day journey is really a challenge! The road takes you over the high and empty mountain plains. Crossing […]

Puerto Varas

Things to see and do around Puerto Varas

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Puerto Varas is a small, pretty-looking town in the south of Chile, lying at the shore of Llanquihue lake, surrounded by two volcanoes: Osorno and Calbuco. For three months it became my home and I could call myself a local “gringa”. I didn’t waste my time and explored and tried most of the adventure activities […]

Adventure Pursuit | Chiloé Island

Chiloé Island and the clumsy penguins

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I’ve heard so much about this magnificent island that still preserves a grand part of its wilderness but also the traditional way of life of the Mapuche inhabitants. What attracted me most to come here though, were the cute, clumsy penguins … Chiloé Island … … can be found in Lake District on the very […]

Adventure Pursuit | Perito Moreno

Perito Moreno: the glacier!

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Ever since I heard about this glacier, I knew I HAD TO see it. One of those things you are certain to do … someday. And so that day came. I found myself heading south on Ruta 40, towards Patagonia, where glaciers grow real big. Like Perrito Moreno. It was a long ride to El […]

Adventure Pursuit | Perú

Perú: reasons to smile :)

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After almost two months spent in Perú, here I am, looking back on all that I’ve lived and experienced here. Knowing no one here, I stepped into the unknown to discover what there is about this country everybody enthuses about. Well, life here wasn’t always easy, I was freezing, it rained on me, got a […]

Adventure Pursuit | Tombs

Visiting the ancient tombs (tumbas)

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A four-hour horseback ride took us over the Sifon bridge, into the hills of Colca Canyon to discover ancient Collagua tombs and come back through Coporaque village. Personally I think this is the most interesting and beautiful of the three horseback rides I guided. It is also the longest one and therefore the most expensive […]

Adventure Pursuit | Cruz del Condor

Cruz del Condor

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“There’s no leaving Colca Canyon without visiting Cruz del Condor”, that’s what a man in my favorite shop in Yanque told me, together with other locals. And one misty morning, as there were still a few clouds from last night’s rain rolling above Yanque, I set off to explore the Colca canyon. There are many […]

Adventure Pursuit | Sleeping under the southern skyes

Sleeping under the sky of southern hemisphere

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One of the top “to do” things here in Brazil was of course seeing the skies of southern hemisphere again, in addition also seeing the sunrise and camp in the wild. Well, especially in the beginning of my stay, the crazy rainy/cloudy weather made it impossible. And later, even on sunny days, it always clouded-up […]