Sleeping under the sky of southern hemisphere

Adventure Pursuit | Sleeping under the southern skyes

One of the top “to do” things here in Brazil was of course seeing the skies of southern hemisphere again, in addition also seeing the sunrise and camp in the wild.

Adventure Pursuit | Sleeping under Southern Skies
awaiting sunrise, wrapped in a sleeping bag

Well, especially in the beginning of my stay, the crazy rainy/cloudy weather made it impossible. And later, even on sunny days, it always clouded-up in the evenings and my first camping trip to Lagoinha do Leste showed me how wild storms can be if you have no roof over your head.

Adventure Pursuit | Sleeping under Southern Skies

Luck was on my side this time when I packed some snacks, sleeping bag and a hammock and rushed to catch the last bus to Joaquina. From there, I disappeared into the wild as the dusk was slowly falling on. Thanks to the shine of the crescent moon I found my way balancing, climbing or crawling through coastal boulders that led me to the secret beach number 3 and later to the 2nd one.

The night has already fallen and I climbed a rock to settle on its niche, opened a bottle of sparkling wine, I managed to buy on the way, and enjoyed the moment. And suddenly I felt no need to walk further. This place was perfect!

Adventure Pursuit | Sleeping under Southern Skies
getting settled for the night at secret beach no. 2

The only trouble was that this place had no trees to hang my hammock. I searched the surrounding landscape with the headlamp I carried and found only a creek, bushes, plants and soft grass ground of the hill which was however quite wet and for sure was home to many mosquitos. The light from my headlamp woke a few fireflies and their dim green-blue lights started wandering around.

My bed in the end, was the very rock I settled on in the first place. Eventually even the moon went to sleep and the darkness of the sky uncovered more stars to my view. Orion and Pleiades on the west side, Sirius shining right above, Southern Cross encircled by Centaur and Milky Way lining across the sky canopy.

And just as I though my view cannot get any better, the shooting stars started crossing the sky, leaving me wonder what more I could wish for. Such moments must be experienced to be believed they’re real!

In the morning stars started fading out again and the sky got its pink-orange color, a sign of arriving sunrise. Although I stayed up most of the night, I could not miss this kind of view either. And so there, on a forgotten beach somewhere on the east coast of Santa Catarina island, I watched the new day to be born …

Adventure Pursuit | Sleeping under Southern Skies

Adventure Pursuit | Sleeping under Southern Skies

Adventure Pursuit | Sleeping under Southern Skies

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