Brazil: reasons to smile :)

Adventure Pursuit | Brazil: reasons to smile

My Brazilian friend Tássia and her husband Kiko have this board. It’s called: “Motivos para sorrir” (reasons to smile). 🙂 Every week they fill it with good things that happened that brought them smiles, simply things they are grateful for.

I think it is a brilliant idea because it makes us see how much we have and focus on the positive things in our lives. Well, my time in Brazil has come to an end, those three months ran so fast! That is also time for me to reflect on my lessons, challenges, learnings, my reasons to smile. I decided to put them all on a board as well:

Adventure Pursuit | Brazil: Reasons to Smile

Now one adventure ends, another one is awaiting me. I am ready to set off on a journey that will bring me to a completely new country, with a language I understand a bit better, I’ll exchange turquoise beaches for my beloved mountains, surfing for horse riding and hopefully will learn a bit more about the night sky of southern hemisphere.

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