Adventure Pursuit | Brazil: reasons to smile

Brazil: reasons to smile :)

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My Brazilian friend Tássia and her husband Kiko have this board. It’s called: “Motivos para sorrir” (reasons to smile). 🙂 Every week they fill it with good things that happened that brought them smiles, simply things they are grateful for. I think it is a brilliant idea because it makes us see how much we […]

Adventure Pursuit | TOP 6 things in Floripa

TOP 6 things to do in Floripa!

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Florianopolis or Floripa, all that is refered to the entire Santa Catarina island. It is a popular backpacker’s spot and who’s been there, certainly knows why. Turquoise beaches, green hills and many many trails to hike, get lost in the nature plus countless amount of adventure sports options to try. Well all this might seem […]

Adventure Pursuit | The holiday season

The holiday season

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The holiday season arrived and with that our hostel filled up with guests, the streets and beaches with tons of tourists, the roads with cars and the shopping windows with Christmas decorations. My favorite was surfing Santa, I could not resist from taking a picture with him. 🙂 The Vintage hostel was nicely decorated with […]

Adventure Pursuit | Night at Lagoinha do Leste

Stormy night at Lagoinha do Leste

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Lagoinha, a small lagoon formed by a river from streams of the surrounding hills, is what gives the name to this paradise place. It is slowly meandering through the valley and nearly meets the ocean on the north side of the beach. That beach seems empty at the first sight but in the bushes separating […]

Adventure Pursuit | Lagoinha do Leste

Praia da Lagoinha do Leste

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The beach of Lagoinha do Leste is a hidden paradise only accessible by foot or boat. It is a remote natural place, with clean sparkling waters but even if you think you are alone, there might be someone suddenly walking out of the bushes … It’s true, some people find the beach so fascinating that […]

Adventure Pursuit | Mineiro greeting

Learning the mineiro greeting

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North of São Paulo state spreads a land rich with various kinds of metals and gemstones. Being a center of mining industry, the state is named Minas Gerais. My next steps led just there, to visit an old friend Tassia and her husband Kiko, who live in the capital – Belo Horizonte. Meaning “beautiful horizon”, […]

Adventure Pursuit

Tricks of fate

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Some time ago I started writing a story of a girl who escaped from the life of 9 – 5 work routine life in a plane to South America. It’s funny how fate has its way to transform our thoughts into our destiny. So here I am, waiting to hop on a plane to São […]