Tricks of fate

Adventure Pursuit

Some time ago I started writing a story of a girl who escaped from the life of 9 – 5 work routine life in a plane to South America. It’s funny how fate has its way to transform our thoughts into our destiny. So here I am, waiting to hop on a plane to São Paulo …

Adventure Pursuit

Ahead of me, there is yet another summer, another embarrassing struggle to learn a new language, and a sweet promise of stepping into the unknown, where all my hopes and dreams get wings and take me wherever I want to be.

So let’s sum it up, my wishlist:

  • a Brazilian wedding of my friend Diego and Joana,
  • meeting with my Brazilian friends here,
  • settle on a beach and learn to surf,
  • meet like-minded mochileros (digital nomads),
  • visit Amazonia,
  • climb mount Roraima and other table mountains.

… is that it? Well I need to leave some space for those kind of things that bring me “more than I bargained for”. Things that only happen when one travels. They happen beyond imagination because they bring something new into our lives and open our horizons so that we get to experience something unexpected, yet wonderful. That’s true adventure. Let’s go find it!

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