A non typical Brazilian wedding

Adventure Pursuit | Brazilian wedding

One of my first experiences in Brazil was a wedding of my friends Diego and Joana. Being a non-religious couple, their wedding was held outside, and the role of the priest was replaced by Diego’s grandma.

We gathered in Santa Bárbara resort near São José dos Campos, on the lakeside, eagerly awaiting Joana to show up. Diego was welcoming all the guests, smiling and joking all along. Only after Joana arrived wearing a beautiful wedding dress, all the eyes were looking at her. The bride and groom stood at the altar and grandma – being a former math teacher – spoke with ease, with wisdom and jokes. (too bad that I always missed the point, I should have studied my Portuguese more!)

Adventure Pursuit | Brazilian wedding
exchanging their wows

After the wedding couple exchanged their vows, the party started. I was sitting at the table with our friend Hudson and his girlfriend Clara, enjoying our reunion after some 5 years. And where could we find the newly wedded couple? On the dance floor of course, for most of the time! They danced and enjoyed themselves pretty much all night. Parabéns pelo casamento Joana e Diego! 🙂

Adventure Pursuit | Brazilian wedding

I spent a few more days in São José dos Campos couchsurfing with some Phd students at a local university. With them, I made my first discoveries about Brazil, local culture, people, some unique foods and fruits.

Note: not a smart idea to try every fruit you see in the market, cocoa doesn’t contain too much of the fruit to eat.” 🙂

Here’s us enjoying coffe and a coconut cake Karinne baked:

Adventure Pursuit | Brazilian wedding
From the left: Me, Vagner, David, Karinne
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