monks in Ladakh

Ladakh – a little Tibet in India

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It is a long bus ride all the way from Manali to Ladakh. General busses usually stop in a lovely town called Keylong over night and the next day you can continue to Leh. And the second day journey is really a challenge! The road takes you over the high and empty mountain plains. Crossing […]

Wawel Castle

Best Places to See in and Around Krakow

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The first time I arrived in Krakow, I was slightly overwhelmed with the language and a little bit annoyed when people called me “pani” (in my language it sounded as if I was really old). My Brazilian flatmate Diego helped me buy train tickets to move around, his Polish was way better than mine. But […]

Adventure Pursuit | Douglas Tompkins

The pros and cons of being a volunteer

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The first volunteering I’ve done came to me by chance. I spent a month looking over some horses and ponies and being a tour guide in New Zealand, in exchange for a delicious farmer’s meals. That time it served me well, I was running out of money and my winter job was starting only in […]

Adventure Pursuit | Perú

Perú: reasons to smile :)

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After almost two months spent in Perú, here I am, looking back on all that I’ve lived and experienced here. Knowing no one here, I stepped into the unknown to discover what there is about this country everybody enthuses about. Well, life here wasn’t always easy, I was freezing, it rained on me, got a […]

Adventure Pursuit | La Paz - Puno

From La Paz to Puno

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A bus journey in altitudes between 3,000 and nearly 5,000 meters is certainly something to remember. Especially when you come from the sea level. I was determined to do the journey in one day as I couldn’t wait to see my horses in Colca valley. I started early, hopping on the first bus that was […]

Adventure Pursuit | Mineiro greeting

Learning the mineiro greeting

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North of São Paulo state spreads a land rich with various kinds of metals and gemstones. Being a center of mining industry, the state is named Minas Gerais. My next steps led just there, to visit an old friend Tassia and her husband Kiko, who live in the capital – Belo Horizonte. Meaning “beautiful horizon”, […]

Adventure Pursuit

Tricks of fate

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Some time ago I started writing a story of a girl who escaped from the life of 9 – 5 work routine life in a plane to South America. It’s funny how fate has its way to transform our thoughts into our destiny. So here I am, waiting to hop on a plane to São […]