Travel without ruining your career

Adventure Pursuit | travel without ruining your career

Travel. It makes us feel alive, it awakes our natural curiosity and eager to learn as we see things for the first time and aware of everything that surrounds us. It opens our eyes to see beauty in this world and the adventures we go through – the good and the bad ones – always conceal some learning lessons.

Perhaps one of the greatest fears I know people around me have and that stops them from going after their dreams and travel destinations is THE CAREER. How would they explain that gap in their CV, would they appear irresponsible to the future potential employer? Well, it depends how you spend that time of your travels.

Believe me or not, traveling doesn’t have to mean just checking in various hotels and hostels, sightseeing during the day and partying at night. You’d probably run out of money soon as well. How about going to experience a life on the other side of the World and learn something about life in a bit of different way? Isn’t it better than being stuck in a predefined routine life that you don’t even enjoy? What if there’s more that this life offers to you but you just can’t find the path?

Adventure Pursuit | travel without ruining your career

If you’re wondering how to use your travel time, consider all the options you have …

Learn new language

Let’s face it, language learning is always easier and faster when you’re exposed to the native speakers, preferably, if they don’t speak your native language. Our nature to seek company of others and socialize will force you to communicate and eventually learn. You may do a language exchange or take classes if you want to speed up the progress. and if you come back home with some kind of certificate you’ll be a star. Knowing a lot of languages will definitely guarantee you that you won’t stay unemployed for long.

Learn other skills

One of the best ways to travel and keep growing an impressive CV are probably internships (for example with AIESEC but there are plenty to be found around the world). For sure you’ll live an incredible adventure if you experience a daily life of a local for example in India. Employers in your country will not only appreciate your knowledge of international market but most likely they’d be curious to learn more about your life there.

Adventure Pursuit | travel without ruining your career
celebrating Holi festival in India


There’s plenty volunteering jobs on sites like Workaway, WOOF, Worldpackers, etc. so why not pick one that “makes a difference”? Care for animals, people or children that need it the most for a change. One of these would definitely add to your CV if you’re a nurse, a vet or a school teacher. But then if you decide to volunteer in a travel agency or in a hostel and you want to build a career in tourism, help them develop their website, or improve their social media marketing! That’s also a gain you can definitely add to your resumé.

Take on freelance work

Some of the skills you have can be “sold” remotely (such as writing, photography, web development, translation …). So why not look for online jobs while you travel? Use websites, such as Upwork, Writerbay, etc. and earn some extra cash for your travels while keeping yourself creative.

Run a website or a blog

Having a professional-looking blog shows that you are creative and determined to complete tasks on regular basis. Your content might demonstrate your writing skills, while the website shows that you have some skills, such as web development, SEO, social media management, marketing, etc. Who knows, you might even get famous for your incredible photos! 

If you’re wondering how to start your own website, in the best case for free, I have some good news for you. I wrote an article about how to Build your own website or blog on Bluehost. You can also download my first eBook that guides you step by step through creating your own website or blog on WordPress.

Start now, make your blog and add in some intro and for sure you already have some incredible stories to tell from your past travel experiences, share them with the world!

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