Trilha Barra da Lagoa – Praia da Galheta

Adventure Pursuit | Barra - Galheta

FLORIANÓPOLIS — To get to the Galheta beach from Barra da Lagoa you have to cross a mountain. But all the climbing will pay off when you see the aerial view of the entire Lagoa da Conceição and its nearby beaches.

A bus number 360 carried me all the way to Barra da Lagoa where I didn’t join the swimmers or surfers at the beach but instead searched for a little path that would lead me high up.

Adventure Pursuit | Barra - Galheta
Barra da Lagoa and Praia Moçambique

The beginning of the trail can be found on the other side of the canal connecting Lagoa and the sea. After crossing a little bridge, I turned right and zigzagged my way through the tiny local streets until one of them finally turned into a walking path with ta “trilha” sign.

I followed my steps straight up, it was a steep ascent but I was lucky that the mid-day sun did not burn as much through the canopy of trees. I enjoyed my jungle walk and watch or not to stop for too long and become a yummy blood supply for ugly flies.

Adventure Pursuit | Barra - Galheta
forest walk

Close to the top of the hill, the forest opened and offered views on Barra da Lagoa with neighbouring Praia Moçambique and wild rocky coastline on the west side of the hill.

Adventure Pursuit | Barra - Galheta

From there it was an easy traverse on a tiny path between bushes ans shrubs reaching up my knees having the view of the entire lagoon on the right side.

Adventure Pursuit | Barra - Galheta

But it is good to peak where I step, otherwise I could threaten something like this:

Adventure Pursuit | Barra - Galheta

Or this:

Adventure Pursuit | Barra - Galheta

And finally, there came the descent towards the Galheta beach, with its cool waters, inviting to wash off my sweat and dust. Playful waves rolled me over a few times before spitting me breathless on the shore again. 🙂

Adventure Pursuit | Barra - Galheta
praia Galheta

A tip: Did you happen to forget your swimsuit? Ah, no worries then, Galheta is actually a nude beach. 🙂

Practical info:

Difficulty level: Easy/medium,around 1 hour walk (one way).

To take with: Good hiking shoes make walking easier but the hike can be done in flip-flops. Swim suit (if you decide to wear it), repellent perhaps.

How to get there: The trail starts in Barra da Lagoa, from the bus stop you need to walk over the bridge taht crosses the canal and then turn right. One of those tiny streets will lead you into the trail.

Adventure Pursuit | Barra - Galheta
interactive click-through map

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