Why does it always rain on me?

Adventure Pursuit | Rain

Wait, this sounds familiar, settling myself in a new country on the other side of the Earth, a place by the lake and it rains, day after day and it seems like it’s never gonna end. It’s a little flashback to four years ago in Puerto Varas when I started working and living in a hostel and struggled to learn to start a fire to warm myself and the guests and picking up slugs that were trying to get inside my room …

Adventure Pursuit | rain
Osorno volcano in Chile

I arrived to Florianopolis at very similar conditions. In fact, I had a very interesting flight, our plane kept hanging above those heavy clouds, not being able to pass through them and land. We did eventually, in a town about 100 km north. Spent rest of the afternoon and half of the night getting here but I made it. And here I am, at a hostel near another lake called Lagoa da Conceição, there are no volcanoes around this time but instead the beach is not far from here. In fact, there are 42 of them on the entire island. What was the same, was the rain.

Adventure Pursuit | rain
remote villages at Lagoa da Conceição

“It is a result of El Niño phenomenon,” some locals said. Well, whatever it is, turn off the tap up there, Please!!

Adventure Pursuit | rain
daring surfers on stormy sea

Eventually my prayers were heard and the sun shines on me again. I can take off some layers and let my skin slowly turn – well first red and then brown. 🙂 It’s time to explore those beaches and wander the jungle paths in search of wild animals and stunning views.

Adventure Pursuit | rain
a rare sunny (half) day
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