TOP 6 things to do in Floripa!

Adventure Pursuit | TOP 6 things in Floripa

Florianopolis or Floripa, all that is refered to the entire Santa Catarina island. It is a popular backpacker’s spot and who’s been there, certainly knows why. Turquoise beaches, green hills and many many trails to hike, get lost in the nature plus countless amount of adventure sports options to try.

Well all this might seem a bit overwhelming if you just got here, have a few days to explore but you end up wondering: “Where to start?” Well, here’s my list of top things I came across while exploring this beautiful island … 🙂

1. Discover lakeside settlements and a mysterious castle

Adventure Pursuit | TOP things in FloripaEasy to start with, this hike actually starts right in Lagoa da Conceição and takes you along its western coast. 2 – 3 hour hike will lead you to a waterfall and if you have the courage to go somewhere mor wild, keep walking, don’t mind dogs chasing you away or spiders web and as a reward, you’ll discover a hidden castle at the far end of the lake.
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2. Camp in Lagoinha do Leste

Adventure Pursuit | TOP things in FloripaA one-hour or three-hour hike will take you to a lonely beach with a river-like lagoon called Lagoinha do Leste. Here you can hike around the nearby mountains, swim in the lagoon and discover its far end, fish your dinner or watch sunrise from the beach right in front of your temporary home.
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3. Visit three different beaches in one day

Adventure Pursuit | TOP things in FloripaNot sure what beach is best to see? Well, you can add a short hike and explore three of them in one single day. Start in Barra da Lagoa and take a trail over those hills that opens some stunning views over the Lagoa da Conceição and eventually leads you to Galheta beach that neighbours with Praia Mole.
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4. Swim in a waterfall

Adventure Pursuit | TOP things in FloripaHave a natural massage under a waterfall that is hidden in the heart of a jungle at the lakeshore of Lagoa do Peri. But you know what they say, “good things don’t come easy”. Prepare yourself for 1,5-hour hike over tree roots, crawling over large boulders and jumping small creeks … and for stunning views of the untouched coast of Lagoa do Peri.
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5. Hike the endless Moçambique beach

Adventure Pursuit | TOP things in FloripaYes, you can pretty much walk half of the island in one day and enjoy some pretty views, swim whenever the sun burns too much and walk barefoot almost the entire time. This hike starts in the north of Santa Catarina island, in beautiful touristic Santinho beach and takes you to more deserted parts of the island.
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6. Get lost in “castaway” beach

Adventure Pursuit | TOP things in FloripaOn the very south tip of Santa Catarina island, there is a trail that takes you to the “castaway” beach, praia Naufradagos. It is home to a couple of fishermen, who live here their simple but happy life, away from the world of cars and trafic jams. It is a perfect place to hide from crowded resorts and climb to a lighthouse in search for the mainland. Can you see it? 🙂
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And if you think sand and water gets boring after a while, see some ideas hof how you could use them for fun …

Adventure Pursuit | TOP things in Floripa

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