Trilha para Costa da Lagoa

Adventure Pursuit | Trilha para Costa da Lagoa

Discovering remote settlements that spread on the west bank of Lagoa da Conceição was my first hike in Florianópolis and felt like a jungle walk. Most people travel there to see a waterfall but the place treasures much more than that, just prepare good shoes and get ready for some spider’s web in your hair.

Adventure Pursuit | Costa da Lagoa
Costa da Lagoa trail entrance

The entrance to the trail is at the end of Rua João Henrique Gonçalves. The road gradually merges into a walking trail, leaving some space to enjoy jungle-like nature walk. Views of lake Conceição can be spotted on the right and steep hill with abundant vegetation on the left.

Adventure Pursuit | Costa da Lagoa
hills surrounding Lagoa da Conceição

After a few minutes walking small settlements start to appear. Interestingly, people who live here, have the only way to get to their homes either by walking or via boat shuttle service that operates frequently on the lake. Seeing those beautiful villas with chill-out spots and private beaches makes you think you’d also want one of those for yourself. 🙂

Adventure Pursuit | Costa da Lagoa
don’t forget to say hi to the turtle

After around 2 and a half hour walking, at the boat stop no. 16, there is first popular stop: the waterfall, don’t miss the sign that says “cachoeira”!

Adventure Pursuit | Costa da Lagoa

But why stop now? The trail is just getting more and more interesting as you follow the path further. After passing a few more settlements, followed by barking dogs, the paved trail gets yet again replaced by a small path and seems to get even more narrow the further you go. You can tell it is less traveled road as you find some spider’s webs in your hair.

Adventure Pursuit | Costa da Lagoa
jungle walk

Adventure Pursuit | Costa da Lagoa

And finally, there is the mysterious end of lagune, right below the monkey mountain (montanha dos macacos). And it holds a treasure – a castle hidden in the jungle.

Adventure Pursuit | Costa da Lagoa
mysterious castle
Adventure Pursuit | Costa da Lagoa
follow the stairs and find out what’s hiding in the casttle
Adventure Pursuit | Costa da Lagoa
boat will take you back to Lagoa da Conceição

Practical info:

Difficulty level: Easy/medium, but get prepared for a 3 hour walk (one way).

To take with: Good hiking shoes make walking easier but the hike can be done in flip-flops. Swim suit, repellent perhaps. No white clothes, get ready to face some mud. 🙂

How to get there: The trail starts right at Lagoa da Conceição, at the end of the street João Henrique Gonçalves. Gradually it merges into a walking path with entrance gate to welcome you.

Adventure Pursuit | Costa da Lagoa
interactive click-through map

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