Tamarindo – Costa Rican west coast

Tamarindo surf

Once a quiet Costa Rican village, now offering all kinds tourist entertainments and food, while placed into a jungle setting. Yes, the howler monkeys do let you know that they don’t want you to come any closer …

Howler Monkeys Costa Rica

I arrived to Tamarindo with my friend Mariana and her Family, treating ourselves with a nice meal and some piña coladas. I ended up staying one month, working in a local hostel, exploring the surrounding beaches and learning to surf.

lizard surf

October in Costa Rica is still in the rainy season, and at one point, we had a hurricane passing through, hitting us with some heavy rain and wind. But when the sun finally came out, everyone felt relieved and appreciated the sunny days even more.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

sunset Tamarindo Costa Rica

Things to do in Tamarindo:

  • Surf – the waves are mild and frequent. That makes Tamarindo a perfect spot for beginners and intermediate surfers. Stay away from the river mouth though or the crocodiles can get you!
  • Walk the beach – and work on your sun tan or look for the best spot to watch the sunset.
  • Watch turtles hatch – the season is November/December and you’ll have to go on an organized tour that takes you to the nature reserve at Playa Grande at night.
  • Enjoy the night – the sun sets around 6 and when the town gets covered with a blanket of darkness, it’s fun to watch the Milky Way stretching across the sky or the fireflies dancing in the grass, reaching all the way into the trees.
  • Chill in the hammock – and just let the hours pass by. 🙂

chill in the hammock costa rica

Pura Vida!

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