Adventure Pursuit | Puno - Chivay

From Puno to Chivay (Yanque)

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True touristic bus that took me over the mountains, with magnificent views of lakes with flamingos, dry desert-like highlands and pastures with lamas, alpacas and vicuñas. The trip started early but as I was to learn, 6 am is an average morning wake-up time fro most people living here. Covered in blanket, I waved lake […]

Adventure Pursuit | La Paz - Puno

From La Paz to Puno

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A bus journey in altitudes between 3,000 and nearly 5,000 meters is certainly something to remember. Especially when you come from the sea level. I was determined to do the journey in one day as I couldn’t wait to see my horses in Colca valley. I started early, hopping on the first bus that was […]