This blog is a result of my numerous travels to all places around the world. I’m missing only two continents: Africa and Antarctica! It all started with paper journals I carried with me wherever I travelled. That way I could write down all the adventures that happened to me along the way. That way, I could keep them alive even when my memory started to fade. Adventure Pursuit is the way to connect them all. Not only to tell these unique experiences but also to share these places with my readers. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration for your next adventure here …

On my travels I took the challenge of living in new cultures, adapting to a new way of life, finding a job to support myself, fit in the local community. These trips were undoubtedly accompanied by various hikes, climbs, expeditions and adventure sports tours, some of them were described in my blog or in my articles, some are still waiting to be written down.

Marie Vítková


Originally from the Czech Republic, I have travelled all around the world, working as a journalist in Chile, horseback riding guide in Peru, snowboard instructor in Canada, or as an actress in India.

As an avid world traveller, I have written articles for various online media, such as I Love Chile, Epoch Times, Krakow Post, and more. She is the founder of the Adventure Pursuit blog that tells stories about the places I’ve explored, describing moods and observations on life in countries around the world.